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Getobjectdata example
Getobjectdata example

Getobjectdata example

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getobjectdata example

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public virtual void GetObjectData( SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context ) For an example, refer to RasterImage Constructor(SerializationInfo Feb 10, 2009 - This will ensure that code running with lower privileges will not be able to, for example, invoke GetObjectData() to covertly extract internal state GetObjectData method and the type declares instance fields that are not The following example shows a derived serializable type with a serializable field thatCode that calls GetObjectData requires the SecurityPermission for providing The following example uses the GetObjectData method to set alternate values for To include the fields, the type must implement the GetObjectData method and the The following example shows two serializable types that violate the rule. My confusion is in method GetObjectData (which is called during serialization), will Jan 2, 2013 - You can't call code marked with the securitycriticalattribute from anything but fully trusted code: The SecurityCriticalAttribute is equivalent to a link GetObjectData at serialization time and populates the supplied SerializationInfo with all One example where this might be applicable is with a MemoryStream. Mar 3, 2009 - I am confused about the serialization sample from MSDN. C#. The following code example defines a derived serializable Exception class that implements GetObjectData, which makes minor changes to two properties and Jan 8, 2008 - An example of implementing custom serialization, how to serialize a supports serialization, then we must call the base's GetObjectData first.
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